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"There is only one step from knowledge to empowerment..."

We are an international and independent consulting company whose aim is to contribute to citizenship empowerment without regard to origins, culture, gender, beliefs or economic wealth.

As a group of professionals coming from various countries and working in different areas of expertise we offer our skills and provide our social and professional networks to the service sector and particularly to civil society organizations such as public institutions, social enterprises, non-governmental organizations, foundations and unions.

Organizational structures, representations and participation modes implied by citizenship require the constant and active development of sustainable economic, cultural and environmental models. Empodera Consultores focuses on constructing, managing, sharing and promoting knowledge that fuels research on such models.

Developing new models and improving such project processes means elaborating knowledge, acquiring it, storing and sharing it.

At Empodera, we offer information and knowledge management services. Our international team has a very broad experience in event facilitation and systematization, in developing intranet and internet sites, in evaluating projects, in implementing strategic plans, etc.

You will find a detailed description of our services by following the "Empodérate" link and you will discover our professional team on the "Collaborator" section of that same page.
Empodera, from knowledge to empowerment